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If there is something we know about queer people, it is that individuals carry out

really love

representation and a flag is an effective way to reveal passion, neighborhood, not to mention,


in regards to our

LGBTQ+ identities

. Of course, if you’ve been to sort of any Pride procession, you realize that queer flags span really beyond the traditional rainbow.

Now, we’re particularly speaing frankly about the bisexual banner, an iconic symbol of bisexuality.  Also to truly respect the bi banner in all of the woman glory, we’ve produced a list of a few of our favorite bi banner realities. Why don’t we get into the deets:

The flag is created by activist Michael webpage

Time for a simple background session, folks!

The bisexual flag was created by bisexual activist

Michael Page

in 1998 after realizing that lots of members of the bisexual area struggled feeling attached to the rainbow Pride banner.

Webpage realized that many bi individuals thought left out of particular Pride activities, and wished to produce a symbol particularly for the bisexual neighborhood.

But solidarity was not the only goal behind the bi flag. Page also wished to

promote a sense of bi exposure

.  All things considered, bi erasure is still live and was even even worse back the 90s.

To help make the flag because available as you possibly can, webpage didn’t include any trademarks or patents, but instead announced it 100per cent free for industrial use—which is strictly the reason we can see plenty breathtaking bi flags at Pride!

Source: www.lgbtqnation.com

The bi flag helped start up Bisexual exposure time

The bi flag was not the thing designed to market bisexual visibility—an entire trip came shortly after. In 1999, the bisexual community started establishing every September 23rd as

Bisexual Exposure Time


Since then, bisexual presence provides prolonged to an entire week ????. Bisexual Awareness day is actually commemorated annually from Sep 16th – 23rd and is a terrific way to respect and celebrate the bi folks in lifetime. (Including your self)

Fun fact: given that it ended up being tougher for bisexual people to find each other, bi activists worked collectively in on line chatrooms to acquire another and draw understanding for this trip. To this day, social media is still a robust device to connect bi individuals.

Read full article: https://bicupid.info/bisexual-dating.html

The tones associated with the bisexual banner have actually an unique meaning

The bi banner isn’t just quite to check at—it has some pretty cool symbolism associated with its record.

The layer of pink or fuchsia at the top is said to express people having same-gender attraction, instance homosexual or lesbian people.

The covering of blue towards the top means individuals who have opposite gender attractions.

And the layer of lavender at the end (a combination of blue and green) represents people that are attracted to the ones from the exact same sexes or various men and women. AKA, bi men and women ✨

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    bisexual online dating
    and the ways to connect today with bi, queer and open-minded folks.
Source: www.womenshealthmag.com

There was clearly an attempt at creating a bi banner emoji

Advocacy for bisexual people certainly has not ceased at the creation of its flag. Now folks are demanding an electronic banner. Yep, we desire a bi banner emoji!

The majority of social media marketing systems have a rainbow banner emoji, (absolutely now a trans one as well ????️‍⚧️), but there is however to get a bi flag. But just last year, a software professional and bisexual community recommend
Tanner Marino
reached off to the Unicode Consortium and requested a bisexual banner, and then have his proposition refused. (Evidently, the Unicode Consortium don’t believe it could be made use of really frequently…)

But then Marino began a petition that achieved over 10k signatures. You heard that right, folks—queer individuals appear!

Sadly, Unicode doesn’t take petitions into account within emoji-choosing procedure, there provides yet become a bisexual banner emoji. But the hands are nevertheless crossed. Here’s hoping that bi folks (and any other queer communities at this time inadequate an emoji for their banner)  manage to get thier emojis quickly.

The bisexual banner stirred bisexual lightning

Listed here is a great new term for your family: bisexual super! Bi lightning takes place when a picture, video, or film uses the tones associated with bisexual flag (pink, blue, and purple) to highlight or display a person’s bisexuality.

It appears


But try not to take our word for it — discover Janelle Monae’s music video,

Generate Myself Feel

. It is also been used in the iconic Ebony echo event,

San Junipero

,  Demi Lovato’s songs movie

Cool for Summer,

and Ariana Grande’s

7 Rings.

By the way, we have an article specialized in
bisexual celebs
that simply cannot be overlooked.

Whether at a Pride parade, on a t-shirt, or in a songs movie, the bi banner is actually a symbol and a beacon for bi individuals almost everywhere.

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